Unkin'z Cares PETs For you!

UNKIN'Z Cares PETs for You

Nakamine Kiyoe
Professional Pet Sitter certified (No. 3952)
by the Japan Pet Sitter Association
Tel: 090-2319-2041
Email: info@unkinz.com

■ How Can We Help ?
Visit your home once a day for pet sitting such as water change, feeding, and waste removal.
・ Check if your pet is healthy and take your pet for a walk.

    Above are our basic services, for which the basic fees are charged as below.  
We offer free counseling once before the actual sitting. 

■ Service Areas: All over Japan. 
Actual costs for traveling (Expense for train, bus, taxi, or parking) will be charged. When we use our car, the fee for parking and gas is charged.
         **For free initial counseling, there will be travel expense charge.

■ Service Time: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (365 Days)

Coming Soon!!

Other Fees:
Outside our service time: We can offer “After Service Hour Plan” depends upon your request.
Distance traveling: We request extra charge upon actual distance. Please ask for more information.
Cancelation Charge:  
Cancel on the day 80%, 1day before 50%, 2days before 30%

Joined a comprehensive security system
(insurance policy) for pro pet sitters just incase.

As your best friend, UNKIN'Z offers Special Packages!

★ Special Coupon (for ten services) : Offer two extra services for free.

★ Special Monthly Discount : About 30 percent discount for four times a week
    during one month.
 (e.g. the total fee for a small dog: from about 40,000 yen to 30,000 yen)

★ We Help Elderly People have Fun with Pets : When all your family is 70 years
    old and more, and use our services 3 times a week during a month, we offer
    further discount and help you buy pet food and other supplies 
    (at cost plus 1,000 yen).

【Operating License】

Person Responsible for Animal Handling Registration# 11-習健福868-1(保管) 
Registration Date: 5/27/2011    Expired Date: 5/26/2015

Name of Person Responsible for Animal Handling: 中 峰 清 恵 ( Nakamine Kiyoe ) 
Address: 2-8-15-108 Okubo, Narashino-shi, Chiba, Zip: 275-0011, Japan


テーマ:犬猫のいる生活 - ジャンル:ペット




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